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Cobra's commitment to continuous product development has taken its seats to the very pinnacle of motorsport.

But to create its new generation of seats, Cobra's development team decided to make a quantum leap and redesign its complete range of motorsport seats from the ground up - using the same technology that drives Formula One composite design.

Cobra Seats has digitally created a completely new range of patterns for their seats using the latest automotive industry ergonomics. Cobra undertook extensive development testing before using state of the art machines to produce composite seat shells manufactured with CNC pin-point accuracy and with perfect lines of symmetry.

It's a technological advance that also means a complete new style for the back of the seats which are now flame surfaced for extra rigidity.

What's the result of this attention to detail?

  • The world's finest seats have got even better
  • Seats that are much stiffer
  • Seats that far exceed the already stringent FIA standards
  • Seats that have unbelievably high quality standards in both design and manufacture.

Improved fit for even more 'feel' and even greater safety

Statistics show that, on average, the human race is getting taller and bigger.  Inevitably this trend is reflected in the size of drivers - so Cobra used ergonomics and the latest technology to digitally create the 'modern' racing driver.

It proved that Cobra Seats needed to accommodate a greater range of heights and width combinations than ever before. 

The new technology means that Cobra has seemingly achieved the impossible, creating seats with 15% more internal room without changing the external dimensions of their seats.

Combined with their revolutionary Pro-Fit system, Cobra's new generation motorsport seats now provide the PERFECT FIT for over 95% of all race drivers.

The legendary Sebring Pro and Evolution Pro seats are available in standard and GT width and are now taller' as standard, with an optional removable rigid base profile - meaning that side head restraints will always be in optimum position no matter what the size of the driver.

The Suzuka Pro and Imola Pro models are available in standard, GT and bespoke non-homologated 'Extra Tall' versions.




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Congratulations to “Cobra drivers” Andrew Jordan and Rory Butcher

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Cobra the Seat of BTCC Champions

As the dust settles on another fantastic British Touring Car Championship season that has seen more race winners than ever before, there’s at least one consistent factor that links all of the champions in every category – they all use Cobra seats.