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Looking After Your Players


Much more important than looking good, Cobra luxury stadia seating protects your most valuable assets - your players.

Cobra will work with your sports science team to custom design and manufacture your dugout seats to ensure that your players are seated in the best possible way to prevent pulled muscles when they are called into action.

  • Variable height mounting options are available
  • We design seats to ensure your players will sit at the correct angle
  • We can provide longer seat lengths to provide proper thigh support to taller players
  • We can provide wider seats to ensure even the largest athlete can sit comfortably
  • 12 volt seat warming systems are available
  • Cooling under fabrics provide comfort in warm conditions
  • Weatherproof covers and tailored UEFA sponsor discretion cover slips are also available


Latest News

Cobra Seats puts Guy Martin in the driving seat.

In a brand new challenge, TV personality and racing driver Guy Martin has completely remodelled his beloved Transit van to take on one of the world’s most iconic speed records – and he chose one of the world’s most iconic racing seats to help him do it!



Cobra the Seat of BTCC Champions

As the dust settles on another fantastic British Touring Car Championship season that has seen more race winners than ever before, there’s at least one consistent factor that links all of the champions in every category – they all use Cobra seats.


Honda storms to double 1-2 as Cammish clinches first BTCC victories in supreme style

While Colin Turkington rightly grabbed the headlines and the "big one" at Brands Hatch it was also a special day for Cobra's great friends at Halford's Yuasa Racing - with Dan Cammish capping his first BTCC campaign with not just his maiden victory, but a second one to boot!